Beware of Task Killer Apps for Your Android

Lifehacker recently posted an article on explaining what Android Task Killer applications actually do and why you shouldn’t use them.  This topic (the use of task killers) is a prime example of information versus wisdom.  The internet is clouded with thousands of anecdotal experiences of how these task killers are the second coming of Christ and that they have saved the lives of thousands of android cell phone batteries.  In reality, it seems more often than not these task killers do more harm than good.

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Transforming Your Droid into an Oscilloscope

While searching for related information about Raphael’s Zephyr aerial feat, I came across this post at about turning your droid phone into an oscilloscope.

The author of the post has a project website where he further documents how he accomplished implementing this.

Aerial Footage from Remote Control Plane

While skimming through this morning, I came across this article:

Expert remote control pilot Raphael ‘Trappy’ Pirker recently took his 54 inch Zephyr model plane on a harrowing tour of Manhattan and the surrounding area. The best part: his RC vehicle was fitted with a camera that wirelessly transmitted an amazing recording of everything it saw – Pirker was piloting his craft with this visual feed.

The 54″ Zephyr model RC plane can be bought from

Raphael has done an excellent job logging how he built his masterpiece that was capable of capturing the Manhattan video over at this thread at

LNE100tx 64bit Drivers for Windows 7

For an older rig I have (see build 2), the mother board’s built in LAN chip is unreliable, sometimes causing the Ethernet adapter to not show up at all when Windows starts.  I wanted to try using an older PCI Ethernet card I had – Linksys’ LNE100tx.  The problem is Linksys never wrote drivers for this card for Windows 7.  Scavenging through the internet, I managed to find this post about the topic:

One of the posters “Crimson Behelit” modified some Infineon an983b drivers (which apparently can serve as an equivalent set of drivers to the LNE100tx card).  Unfortunately, the link  Crimson Behelit posted has since gone dead.  The user “rook_” in that same thread posted the drivers here:


In case rook_’s link goes dead, I have also hosted the drivers here:

Reclaiming your quick launch for Windows 7

I wanted to make a quick blog post about an article I came across for getting “quick launch” for Windows 7 :

Unlike previous windows versions, Windows 7 does not come with a “quick launch” menu by default.  Instead, you have to create a tool bar menu to emulate it.  The above links you to a forum post that helps you create a quick launch for windows 7.

Why they did away with one of my favorite features in windows is absolutely beyond me.  Like hell I want to use your start menu…

Nick’s Latest PC Build

This past April (2010), I finished building my newest computer (click the ‘1‘ for a link to the components list) [1].  A great deal has changed since building my previous rig [2].  No longer exists the debate of dual core vs. quad core [3].  You’ll be hard pressed to find a quad core and will now see Intel and AMD have started releasing hex core processors.  Furthermore, instead of going the SLI route, this time my rig is equipped with ATI’s flagship Radeon 5970, capable of running eyefinity (spanning a video game across up to 3 displays), weighing in at a whopping 4.3 BILLION transistors:

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Nick’s Got A Photo Blog

I needed a place to store some photo’s I’ve touched up; therefore I’ve started a photo blog.  I’m pretty new to photography and am only beginning to scratch the surface at touching up photos with photoshop and various other programs.  I’m also am still getting used to tweaking the various settings on my camera.  The pictures posted thus far come from various vacations taken to Disney, Savannah Georgia, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.  Enjoy! :heart:

OC Remix Favorites

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is, a website featuring hundreds of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.

Basically, they host free video game song remixes.  What follows is a list of some of my favorite remixes.

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Free Utilities for Overclocking

There are several freely available programs I use for Overclocking my computer.  These utilities are great for verifying your computer’s overclock (such as the ram and processor speed) as well as your computer’s stability.

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Opensource & Freeware Software for the PC

I have recently started using quite a bit of open source software and I wanted to take the time to dedicate an entire post towards it.  Often times, open source solutions are often better than their pay based/commercial alternatives.

One thing that I absolutely *HATE* in either freeware or pay-based software is attempts to subtly corrupt your browser or computer.  This is typically done by having default installation options include sending you spam, manipulating your browser to add unwanted tool bars, changing your home page, or using your computer resources.  These options by default should be turned off, not on.

Currently, a list of programs (both freeware and open-source) I am using is listed as follows…

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