Soft | Widgets

I use Windows 7×64.  One feature Windows 7 has is the ability to run ‘Gadgets’ (much like apple’s widgets) off to the side.  The widgets I have use are as follows:

Windows Uptime – shows, at a glance, how many hours your computer has been running since its last restart.

CPU Usage – shows at a glance, how much of your ram is being used and how hard your CPUs are at work.

Top Processes – I find this gadget helpful because I code.  Instead of having to hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE, I can see form a glance, what applications are eating up the most processing power.

Twitter Explorer – Let’s you tweet and re-tweet from your sidebar.  The app has a nice black skin option to it.  The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s a little big for my needs.

Sphere Timer – This gadget will allow you to set several alarms and will count up and down, displaying the time in second increments.  It is great for a desktop timer/stop watch.

Drives Meter – You can display your hard drive free space, used space and read and write speed on up to 4 drives.  You can also set the poll time to be really low so that the gadget doesn’t excessively consume resources displaying the aforementioned data.