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I’m into computers in a BIG way!

Build 1:  July 2005
Build 2:  November 2007
Build 3:  April 2010

In July of 2005, I finally got fed up with buying personal computers from computer outlets such as Dell and IBM and decided to build my own.  With the help of some do it yourself guides posted on Anandtech and the OverclockersForums, I set out to build my first rig. At the time, I went with the fast single processor on the market, the AMD 3700+.

Fast forward 2 years later to November of 2007, and I was in the market for an upgrade.  Back then there were huge debates on whether to go with a dual core processor vs. a quad core processor.  At the time, it was argued that not very many applications were taking advantage of quad core processors [1], [2] (save video rendering, encoding, etc.) and that gaming rigs would benefit more from two faster cores instead of 4 slower ones for an equivalent price.  Hence me building a rig around Intel’s E6850 with two Nvidia 8800GTS’s in SLI for gaming at 1920×1200.

Another 2 years later in April of 2010, Intel is still king of the Hill but now quad core processors reign the battlefield and with hyperthreading enabling 8 virtual cores at your disposal.  Still gaming at 1920×1200, I went with Intel’s i7-920 and this with ATI using their Radeon 5970.