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Finally, a blog post!  Yet again, it has been too long since my last blog post.  As you may have noticed, the wordpress template for this blog has been changed.  I have been meaning to change it again for quite some time and am quite pleased with this new template.  You can find this template free of charge from siteground.  The other templates that were close seconds to almost being implemented over this one were as follows:  AuroaEdublog, Purple Swirl, WP-Standard, Fashion (previously used template), and Baroque.

What I am really happy about with this template is that it has a search function.  Although, I think I have figured out how to use the ‘theme editor’ in wordpress to add the search function to other templates if they do not have a search feature included by default.  Originally this template had the sidebar off to the right  However, I  figured out how to edit the theme to make the sidebar appear to the left hand side instead.

I have also been looking up Joomla templates as well.  My dissertation website is actually a joomla installation.  You would be amazed at how many crappy joomla templates exist out there.  Many a times, the free templates are better than ones you can opt to pay for.  Here are some awesome free Joomla templates, all of which you can download from SiteGround, in which I came across in my searches:  bState, Stylish, Stripe, Woman, and Forest.

Random Internet Goodies:
Credit goes to Nichole for finding these mess with Sasquatch internet commercials:  [1] and [2].

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