Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts

About a couple of weeks ago the PA DnD Podcasts series came to an end. While I thought the last podcast and the end of their DnD adventure seemed kind of anticlimatic, I greatly enjoyed the series as a whole. For our convenience, I will link the associated media to yet another miracle given birth through the internet.

PA DnD Comic

Jerry and Mike (aka Tycho and Gabe) at Penny Arcade joined up with Scott at PVP Online to do a promotional for Wizards of the Coast for the release of the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. For each episode, Mike and Scott each wrote a panel for a 2 panel comic that would accompany the release of each podcast. Both the Podcast and the Comic have been linked as follows:
<Episode 1 Comic> <Episode 1 Podcast>
<Episode 2 Comic> <Episode 2 Podcast>
<Episode 3 Comic> <Episode 3 Podcast>
<Episode 4 Comic> <Episode 4 Podcast>
<Episode 5 Comic> <Episode 5 Podcast>
<Episode 6 Comic> <Episode 6 Podcast>
<Episode 7 Comic> <Episode 7 Podcast>
<Episode 8 Comic> <Episode 8 Podcast>

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2 Responses to “Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts”

  1. Andy Says:

    I think I listened to episode 1 three times because the whole idea of D&D and what they were talking about were so foreign to me. I finally got the idea and it started to get kind of interesting. Jerry and Mike shine as always, I didn’t like Scott too much.

  2. Nick Says:

    Scott had some funny lines here and there, but for the most part his humor was paled by Jerry and Mike’s splendor. Wizards of the Coast’s promotional trick worked though, after listening to the pod cast, I am very interested in joining a DnD game. The problem is finding a good dungeon master, with school right now, I definitely do not have the time to sit down, absorb the 300+ page rule book and then create a campaign.

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