Quitting WoW Again (for the 5,000th time)

As the title indicates, I have quit WoW (again, for the 5,000th time). As usual, my complaints and reasons for quitting are always the same. I was raiding with a really awesome guild, experiencing the end game content. What was really convenient was this guild, at the latter bosses of Black Temple (BT), only raided 13 hours a week. Most other guilds in BT actively raid 20+ hours a week. Even at 13 hours a week, you sign on an hour before the raid start and usually stick around to at least 30 minutes after the raid start. Furthermore, there are other activities the game entices you to participate in: farming (to raise materials and gold to support your raiding), arenas (PvP) and other smaller encounters (Karazhan, Zul’Aman, etc.). Before you know it, you’re dumping in 25+ hours a week into this game. While I had not gotten to this level quite yet, I could see it was headed in that direction.
Yojo Character Side Shot
The problem with raiding is you cannot put the game on pause (this is also true with the smaller encounters as well). Meaning once the group starts the raid/encounter, you’re at your computer for 2 to 5 hours (depending if it’s a raid on BT or Kara, ZA, etc.). Granted you get to take bathroom breaks, etc; there’s no getting up and going to take 30 min to watch TV in between or go outside for a walk. Due to the gargantuan time the game demands, along with my intent to graduate this Fall semester, I had to let the game go. Heh, and by let the game go I mean a complete uninstall and the cancellation of my subscription.

I did take a ton of screen shorts before uninstalling and figured I would share some of those with the rest of you.

Here is a screen shot of my raiding gear:
Raiding Gear

Here is a screen shot of my PVP Gear:
PVP Gear

Here are the defensive stats of my PVP Gear:
PVP Gear Resilience

Here is Yojo riding a ‘Nether Ray’:
Nether Ray

The game has been fun but since uninstalling Wednesday evening, I am greatly enjoying the time regained by cutting the game from my life. Don’t get me wrong, I think WoW is infinitely better than vegetating in front of the TV for hours on end. Raiding requires you to plan out strategies and actively engage in encounters and annhiliate the objectives via team work. The communication, the team work, the participation in the raid, I think, is infinitely better and more entertaining than vegetating in front of the tube watching House or something. But the time it demands has now made it unplayable to me.

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3 Responses to “Quitting WoW Again (for the 5,000th time)”

  1. Sonja(aka Kai) Says:

    I hear you I hardly play anymore :( it may be time to hang up my healing stuff
    and call it quits :(

  2. Nick Says:

    Sonja, I must admit, the grass is much, much greener after having quit WoW. I now have time to work in cardio (roller blading, punching bag) in addition to weights at the Gym. I’ve also been able to hit a nice productive streak for my research with WoW gone. While I definitely missed some of the nice people I virtually met in WoW, not being able to play the game with them is pretty much my only regret for leaving. That gear dependent grind fest really got on my nerves sometimes…

  3. Sonja(aka Kai) Says:

    True :) I am taking the time to actually ENJOY my summer with the kids and doing fun things with them :) If I feel like playing alittle bit I will but WoW no longer rules me, tis the other way around :)

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