I come to you this week plugging Ikarium. This game is like a Civilization MMO. It is a free web browser game. No client, no downloads, no payments. The game is kind of slow in the beginning but once you complete your first colony it really takes off. One piece of advice, keep restarting (make a new player) until you get on a colony with either wine or marble. All other resources are kind of useless to you in the beginning (sulfur and crystal glass). You do need a legitimate email address for each player you create however as an activation email is sent to the account. But you are able to use hotmail, gmail, etc. I definitely recommend this game, it is wicked amounts of fun! Futhermore, because everything takes time to mature in the game, your decisions are limited to 1 or 2 active choices in the game per hour. So it’s a nice small thing you can have open in your web browser while multi-tasking doing more important things. By the way, I’m playing as Yojo on the Gamma server.

PA and PVP Online’s latest Dungeons and Dragons Pod Cast and Comic were posted this past Friday. I’m really enjoying this series, Scott, Tycho and Gabe’s (or Jerry and Mike’s) added humor is awesome and the Dungeon Master they have running the show is really adding some pretty creative twists to the story line.

In other news, I recently chalked up another victory in the war that is my dissertation. I am published in the IGARSS 2008 Conference Proceedings and will be presenting my work there in Boston on July 11th! Developing the end result for this conference was really challenging, I’ve been pushing for it quite relentlessly these past two months. Finishing the conference paper was a huge load off my shoulders. Still, there is significant work yet to be done, I am looking forward to it!

I recently came across this video of Ronald Jenkees. The music is like Metal meets Techno or something. I really enjoyed it and found it rather original. His website lists an entire CD you can purchase (either shipped or download) and his site lets you listen to the sample his music too. The music he plays in the youtube video I linked, I think, it’s features in this Wanted Movie Trailer (heard about half way through the trailer).

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