Warhammer Delayed

On the day we signed the agreement to license Warhammer from Games Workshop, I promised them that we would create a great and glorious game, a truly next-generation MMORPG. Today, I have news to report; we are going to delay the release of WAR until Fall 2008.
Mark Jacobs
VP, GM EA Mythic

Warhammer Online was scheduled for a Q2 release sometime in July and has been delayed yet again. As Mark Jacobs guessed, I (along with other fans I’m sure) am extremely disappointed in this announcement; me for particularly two reasons:
1. Not only is the game delayed
2. But it is delayed till “fall.” By only stating fall, this could mean as late as the last day of fall.

I will give Warhammer this though, better to delay the shitty game and further refine it to release a good game as opposed to releasing a shitty game and trying to patch it into a good game. The MMO community is forgiving – during betas only. Once the game is released, if it (Warhammer) sucks, everyone will inevitably complain (alot) and then move back to whatever MMO they were playing (to most which is WoW) to never return to give Warhammer another try. That is exactly how the MMO community reacted towards Vanguard. The developers, due to diminishing funding, were forced to release the game early. The community complained about the inherit bugs in the game and left and never returned for another try, even if/when those bugs were fixed. Therefore there is a lot riding on Warhammer’s public (as opposed to Beta) release. While the announced delay is not good news, it’s better news than we’re going to release it and promise all of these future patches to fix huge issues existent with the game.

Warhammer Orc

Another thing in which to note is Warhammer’s competitor, World of Warcraft, has announced they plan on releasing the Wrath of the Lich King expansion this year. I would bank that Blizzard has, and will continue, to avoid announcing a release date as they plan to time the expansion’s release based on when Warhammer launches. I imagine we’ll see WoW’s expansion either conflict with Warhammer’s launch or release shortly before or after to steal from Warhammer’s glory.

Albeit Warhammer is competing directly against Blizzard and it’s mammoth MMO creation WoW, a game backed by a gargantuan player base and practically an infinite amount of funding, people are tired of WoW. And albeit an expansion means more content, it’s still more content based on the same game that we are tired of. I like competition, it makes the competitors work harder for the consumer. And at the moment, WoW and Blizzard have it too easy. There should be several, largely recognized, MMO’s as opposed to just WoW and then multitudes of smaller lesser MMO’s.

Godspeed Mark and Mythic. I for one will accept your delay, but hold true to your promise and deliver something that will give Blizzard a run for their money.

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