Beware of Task Killer Apps for Your Android

Lifehacker recently posted an article on explaining what Android Task Killer applications actually do and why you shouldn’t use them.  This topic (the use of task killers) is a prime example of information versus wisdom.  The internet is clouded with thousands of anecdotal experiences of how these task killers are the second coming of Christ and that they have saved the lives of thousands of android cell phone batteries.  In reality, it seems more often than not these task killers do more harm than good.

To summarize the article:

All of your memory being consumed by applications is a GOOD thing!  Your android is not equivalent to a Windows computer.  In windows, running out of memory is generally bad; in android it’s ok to have all of your memory consumed; in fact it helps applications launch faster.  The Android OS is perfectly capable of selectively killing the apps it observes no longer being use.  The use of task killer apps prematurely forcing apps to close may result in experiencing bugs on your phone.

Most likely, experiencing slow down in the user interface is due to your phone’s CPU being driven to 100% usage.  If this is intended, due to an intensive app, then it’s ok.  If this is the result of a poorly coded application, it’s obviously bad.  Lifehacker recommends the app Watchdog for selectively killing singular applications that are misbehaving.  If the application continues to misbehave, unless it’s absolutely a must have, you should probably uninstall it.

Finally, use the Android OS to manage your battery life usage.  Specifically, if you are not using your GPS, 4G, bluetooth, or internet, TURN THEM OFF!

After reading this article, I immediately uninstalled advanced task killer…  Kudos to Whitson Gordon for doing the research on this subject.

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