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The Medball400

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

A friend of mine recently suggested to me trying out this workout he found online called the “Med Ball 400”.  The article was published earlier this year online in Men’s Health.  After work, I went to Sports Authority to pick up a 10 lb. medicine ball.  Later I returned it and decided I wanted a 12 lb. medicine ball instead.  Unfortunately, Sports Authority only had a $50 12 lb. medicine ball in stock.  Given the thing is pretty much entirely rubber and sand, I had to pass and ended up picking up this one (the 12 lb. yellow and black one) at Amazon.  What’s really awesome about the exercises described in the Men’s Health article is all you need is the medicine ball; no weights, machines, etc.  Furthermore, the 10 exercises described in the article gives you a total body work out, working several muscles at a time.  Despite the workout seeming anerobic in nature, I ended up being out of breath throughout the entire circuit.  This workout is really ideal for those rainy days where you lack the motivation to leave the house for the gym!