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OnLive Service announced

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

OnLive was recently announced at the Games Developer Conference this year.  PA made a comic here and both PA and CAD commented on the service (here and here), but I found this review from CNET (here) to be the most informative on wtf exactly OnLive is:

The system is designed to allow players to stream on-demand games at the highest quality onto any Intel-based Mac or PC running XP or Vista, regardless of how powerful the computer.

An intended benefit of this infrastructure, Perlman and McGarvey explained, is that users will be able to play streamed games via OnLive with no lag, so long as their Internet connections meet minimum thresholds. For standard-definition play, that would mean a minimum 1.5 Mbps connection, and for high-def, 5 Mbps.

If what they are boasting is true, this is a huge change in the video gaming industry…Basically, your shitty computer can have awesome graphics streamed to it provided you have a good internet connection…

In other news, the latest PA D&D podcast is up (episode 6).  This series is really awesome, I am thoroughly enjoying both listening to their actual D&D game as well as the jokes they share during the podcast.

Killer Bean Forever DVD Release Date Announced

Monday, March 16th, 2009

On Jeff Lew‘s Killer Bean Forever website, he recently announced the following:

For the United States and Canada, I will be handling DVD distribution myself with a Killer Special Edition DVD release in June 2009.

This is indeed awesome news!

In other related internet goodies news, Penny Arcade has recently recorded two new podcasts [1] & [2].  Also, in case you have not been following, several new Dungeons and Dragons Penny Arcade Podcasts were released:  First Episode, Second Episode, Third Episode and Fourth Episode. The link to the fifth episode should go live this Wednesday (new one comes out every Wednesday).

You can find a listing of all of the D&D Podcasts here.