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Frank’s New Computer

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

This past Saturday, after plugging for over 13 consecutive days at over 10 hours a day at dissertation work trying to crank out a 27 page journal paper, I finally took a break and helped Frank build his new computer.  I am really proud how awesome the journal paper came out, my adviser and I should be submitting it soon to a prominent geo-spatial image processing journal.  This super productivity streak is mostly to blame for the lack of blog posts lately, when trying to graduate this semester, the blog gets pushed to the back burner.

The break was indeed a much needed one and although I only had 3 hours of sleep by time I got to Frank’s apartment, I was really happy to have the priviledge to help him build his new machine.  For me, the actual building of the computer is one of the funnest parts.  Never again will I buy a pre-built machine from IBM (like I once used to when I was in high school).  When you do buy pre-built machines from Bestbuy, Dell, etc. you actually pay that company to assemble the computer for you (the construction cost is what makes machines bought from these companies more expensive than building the machines yourself).  If you are a gamer or building a computer for intensive simulations and graphic rendering, it will most certainly behoove you to build your own should you so choose to do the research behind building your own.  You can find pictures of the last machine I built <here>.

I have to confess, Frank did all of the research behind building this machine.  With my dissertation work, there was little consultation I was able to provide when it came to component selection.  About the only advice I gave him was when I thought a particular component was overpriced or simply incompatible with what he had selected elsewhere.


Killer Bean Forever – Finished (but not released to the public yet)

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Jeff Lew has finally finished Killer Bean Forever (after working on it for 4 -5 years full time).  Albeit the movie is finally done, it will not be released to the public until it has been shown at some festival screenings first.  Jeff says, on his killer bean forever website, that he plans to release the movie in some form or another later in 2009:

I know a lot of you are waiting for the release of Killer Bean Forever and I thank you for your patience. Killer Bean Forever is now completely finished, but is awaiting festival screenings.

One major goal of making Killer Bean Forever is for me to take the next step in becoming a professional filmmaker. So festival screenings are very important for me in gaining recognition by the film industry, as many industry executives attend these festivals. As soon as a screening happens, I will let you know. But in one form or another, Killer Bean Forever will be released sometime later in 2009.

Jeff did all of his rendering for Killer Bean Forever out of his apartment –

I had 5 quad core computers that basically were rendering in my apartment for 2 years, 24 hours a day. Needless to say, I didn’t need to heat my apartment during the winters.

In other CG animation news, Monty Oum has completed his new look for Rikku in Dead Fantasy 3 –

Well anyways, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things I’m trying to ramp up on production. But as some of you know, my new job had me very VERY busy

So in short, Dead Fantasy III, next year… if I’m lucky.

Finally, in a completely unrelated note – Chris Schoeneman, developer of Synnergy, speculates he may have a significant update coming out for Synnergy in March of 2008.  This would be really awesome as the software has not seen a major update since April of 2006.  Synnergy is an open source software that lets you control multiple computers (typically placed side by side) with a single keyboard/mouse.