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OC Remix Favorites

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is, a website featuring hundreds of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.

Basically, they host free video game song remixes.  What follows is a list of some of my favorite remixes.


Frank’s Birthday BBQ

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Saturday, October 18, Sam (Frank’s girlfriend), my sister, Amanda and I threw Frank a surprise birthday party/BBQ at my house  :rock: .  We had a pretty good turn out of people and some delicious food.

We got Frank a triple fudge chocolate cake from Albertsons.  At first I had my doubts about the cake, worrying that it would be too rich, but it actually turned out to be quite tasty. Phil (holding the red cup) is so photogenic! From left to right, we have Frank, Sam, Phil, Nasim, and Amanda:


Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

About a couple of weeks ago the PA DnD Podcasts series came to an end. While I thought the last podcast and the end of their DnD adventure seemed kind of anticlimatic, I greatly enjoyed the series as a whole. For our convenience, I will link the associated media to yet another miracle given birth through the internet.

PA DnD Comic

Quitting WoW Again (for the 5,000th time)

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

As the title indicates, I have quit WoW (again, for the 5,000th time). As usual, my complaints and reasons for quitting are always the same. I was raiding with a really awesome guild, experiencing the end game content. What was really convenient was this guild, at the latter bosses of Black Temple (BT), only raided 13 hours a week. Most other guilds in BT actively raid 20+ hours a week. Even at 13 hours a week, you sign on an hour before the raid start and usually stick around to at least 30 minutes after the raid start. Furthermore, there are other activities the game entices you to participate in: farming (to raise materials and gold to support your raiding), arenas (PvP) and other smaller encounters (Karazhan, Zul’Aman, etc.). Before you know it, you’re dumping in 25+ hours a week into this game. While I had not gotten to this level quite yet, I could see it was headed in that direction.
Yojo Character Side Shot
The problem with raiding is you cannot put the game on pause (this is also true with the smaller encounters as well). Meaning once the group starts the raid/encounter, you’re at your computer for 2 to 5 hours (depending if it’s a raid on BT or Kara, ZA, etc.). Granted you get to take bathroom breaks, etc; there’s no getting up and going to take 30 min to watch TV in between or go outside for a walk. Due to the gargantuan time the game demands, along with my intent to graduate this Fall semester, I had to let the game go. Heh, and by let the game go I mean a complete uninstall and the cancellation of my subscription.


Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I come to you this week plugging Ikarium. This game is like a Civilization MMO. It is a free web browser game. No client, no downloads, no payments. The game is kind of slow in the beginning but once you complete your first colony it really takes off. One piece of advice, keep restarting (make a new player) until you get on a colony with either wine or marble. All other resources are kind of useless to you in the beginning (sulfur and crystal glass). You do need a legitimate email address for each player you create however as an activation email is sent to the account. But you are able to use hotmail, gmail, etc. I definitely recommend this game, it is wicked amounts of fun! Futhermore, because everything takes time to mature in the game, your decisions are limited to 1 or 2 active choices in the game per hour. So it’s a nice small thing you can have open in your web browser while multi-tasking doing more important things. By the way, I’m playing as Yojo on the Gamma server.


OC Remix Comes through Again

Friday, June 13th, 2008

I came across a Ragnarok Online (RO) Sound Track remix at the OC Remix website. The OC Remix is a place where musicians and DJ’s who have remixed video game sound tracks can host and link their work. Both the Chrono Symphonic and FF7 Lifestream were phenomenally remixed scores. In the RO Hybridism remix, my favorite songs were as follows:
Samurai Discotheque; Out of Curiosity; Brassy Road; Ancient Groover; Jumping Dragon; Nano East

Ragnarok Online 2 (screen shot):
RO Screen Shot


Synnergy, Vista, and this Awesome Tifa Lockhart Wall Paper

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I recently found this AWESOME Tifa Lockhart Picture:

Tifa Lockhart

If I can somehow get some spare time, I will try to make a high resolution wall paper out of it.
In other news, I finally got Synergy working with Vista. It turns out you have to run synergy as an administrator (right click on short cut to set this option). I found the solution posted at this website. Without doing this, synergy will lock up on certain applications (like Visual Studio 2005 for me).

Warhammer Delayed

Friday, March 28th, 2008

On the day we signed the agreement to license Warhammer from Games Workshop, I promised them that we would create a great and glorious game, a truly next-generation MMORPG. Today, I have news to report; we are going to delay the release of WAR until Fall 2008.
Mark Jacobs
VP, GM EA Mythic


A Gamer’s Budget Priorities

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

I sometimes gripe about the dresser I currently have in my room. It’s a real cheap one that was left behind by the previous owners of the house and has come into my possession (see previous blog post, I recently moved about 2 weeks ago). I did of course thoroughly clean it before using it, but the point is, the dresser is atrocious and fails at the basic objectives of what a dresser should achieve. Here is a picture of the shitty dresser in question:

Cheap Dresser

The dresser may deceivingly look nice, but the drawers don’t work. If you pull them out of the dresser they fall on the floor, the tracks holding them in place were damaged. So whenever I pull the drawer out to get clothes, I have to hold it from the bottom so it does not fall on the floor…I like the horses on top of the dresser, but alas they did not come with the dresser.

Yesterday I picked up Assassin’s Creed for the PS3 along with Casino Royale (Blu Ray). A little bit after I moved in I bought a PS3 with Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

(reflecting on this for a moment)…

Today I realized, I would probably leave my clothes folded on the floor or buy buckets to keep them in before I would buy a new dresser over computer stuff/video games. Upon contemplating this revelation, I now have become much more tolerable of the shitty dresser and have recognized the price I paid for it (nothing) and the fact that it will probably be here for quite some time unless some external force is applied on me to motivate me otherwise (read girl comes over who I want to impress and says my dresser is shit).

I finally got around to taking some pictures around the house. Here are two shots of my computer room. Please don’t come rob me…

Computer Room1

Computer Room2

You can view both of those computer image shots in much higher resolutions (wordpress blog software shrinks them to page margins) here: [1], [2]

There are two folding tables on either side of the desk in the center, culminating in a U-shape formation. Most of the computer stuff and TV are on the desks/tables shown in the first picture. The table in the second picture is usually vacant and a work space for reading, etc.

Also here’s a shot of my punching bag hanging from the new stand. The plastic bags on the floor are 100 lbs of sand to hold it in place.

Punching Bag

Even with the 100lbs of sand, the bag and the stand still move around. I’ll have to pick up more sand from Home Depot. The bag does have bars to hold weight plates. The problem is plates for weight sets typically run for $1 per lb. So for 200 lbs to hold the stand still will run me $200. In the event that I ever get a weight set, that feature of the stand will be nice. Until then $14 for 200 lbs of sand is a much better deal.

Can’t Sleep = More Blog Posts

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

So it’s 2:10am on a Sunday morning and I cannot fall asleep. I have a feeling though by time I finish this blog post I will pass out. I know I promised pictures of my computer setup in the new house along with pictures of the punching bag. I’m in the process of falling asleep, not insomnia, therefore those pictures will have to wait.

What does take minimal effort to discuss however is video games, specifically what’s in my queue. I did wind up canceling my reoccuring WoW subscription. The raiding guild I belonged to fell apart, and with my rogue as my only level 70, finding another guild, which is past Karazhan, that actually needs a rogue, is tough since everyone and their mother has a rogue. I probably could find another guild to raid with if I searched hard enough, but I need a video game I can put on pause and pretty much play at my leisure, not be addicted to – since I need to push harder on my dissertation. Having an MMO where I have to commit 20+ hours of my life to simply sit in standby or even actually raid will not work for me. I need to be able to play for a couple of hours, do a ton of work and then pick up the game again at my leisure as opposed to other people’s play schedules.

So what’s in my queue?

Currently I am playing Ninja Gaiden: Sigma on the PS3. I have to say this game is wicked fun: chopping Ninjas heads off while watching their blood stain the wall in magnitudes of 10s of galons is not by any means boring. I have also picked up Splinter Cell: Double Agent as well as Stranglehold. I have not started Stranglehold but have made a little progress on SC:DA. The SC:DA was fun until the double agent thing kicked in, I’ve become weary of the game since then. I have only played it for less than 3 hours though, so any review I give it now is premature.

I was working on trying to get 100% completion with FFXII. However, the tedious tasks this requires is obnoxious in the least. I think I might just beat the last boss right now (with my 3 level 70+ guys) and then go after the rest of the material later. If I put off beating the last boss anymore, I may never do it. In FFXII, the most difficult boss is not the end game (storyline) boss, rather the most difficult boss is an optional hidden boss. I imagine my 3 level 70+ characters will destroy the end game storyline boss without much effort. At least I’ll finally see the ending cut scenes though.  I might go after that most difficult boss afterwards.
I am also working through Half Life 2. I did beat the original half life several years ago. I came close to beating Half Life 2 a while ago but lost my save (forgot to back it up when formatting). So I had to start HL2 over. I need to hurry up and beat it though as I have episode 1 and 2 and TF in the Orange Box awaiting to be tackled next – thank you by the way Nichole for that awesome Christmas Present (HL Orange Box).

I did acquire COD4 and have beaten it. I am currently trying to beat the next hardest difficulty as I thoroughly enjoyed single player. Multiplayer takes some getting used to as the features in it make it different from other FPS’s. I love the fact that sniping is actually difficult in the game but I cannot stand the radar feature. It’s difficult having to look on your screen and at your radar at the same time.

To Sum up then –
Actively Playing:  Ninja Gaiden: Sigma (PS3), Splinter Cell Double Agent (PC), Stranglehold (PC), HL2 (PC), FFXII (PS2)
In Queue: HL2 Eps1(PC), HL Eps2(PC), TF(PC), Oblivion(PC), COD4 – Higher Difficulty (PC), FXII – 100% Completion (PS2), Bioshock

I tried playing Oblivion before, but my older PC couldn’t handle it. The new PC should manage just fine. I want to play Bioshock,unfortunately I absolutely loathe killing zombies. I am a big coward when it comes playing FPS’s killing zombies, undead, etc. I’m cool with shooting human beings (Max Payne, COD, COD4, Stranglehold, Splinter Cell series, etc.). I just don’t like shooting monsters (Doom, Quake, Bioshock, Wolfenstein, etc.), especially in the dark.

Sleep at last…