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You Suck At Photoshop Series

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

ParisIn the beginning there were these:

Paris YSAP #1; YSAP #2; YSAP #3; YSAP #4; YSAP #5; YSAP #6; YSAP #7; YSAP #8; YSAP #9; YSAP #10;
Then there was this (which was really stupid btw).

Then spawned this series:
sn4tchbuckl3r #1; sn4tchbuckl3r #2;
sn4tchbuckl3r #3; sn4tchbuckl3r #4;
sn4tchbuckl3r #5;
That series had some slightly humorous moments but for the most part was also an epic failure.

Then the return of these!
YSAP#11; YSAP#12; and YSAP #13
In #12 Donnie references this site and then in #13 references this site. The site mentioned #13 leads to this site (which is pretty hilarious).
Of all of the you suck at photoshop videos, this one, by far, is still my favorite.

Penny Arcade Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

About a couple of weeks ago the PA DnD Podcasts series came to an end. While I thought the last podcast and the end of their DnD adventure seemed kind of anticlimatic, I greatly enjoyed the series as a whole. For our convenience, I will link the associated media to yet another miracle given birth through the internet.

PA DnD Comic

We Just Murdered Everyone! Fist Pound Bro!

Monday, March 10th, 2008

“If a person says bro, I know that that person is irrelevant.” – Jerry Holkins aka Tycho
“I would taze someone for saying bro.” – Mike Krahulik aka Gabe

Fist Pound Comic
(click the picture to see original PA strip)

Here’s the PA pod cast for last Friday’s comic:
<download here>

This is a really hilarious critique of Army of 2.

Budlight for the Win

Friday, March 7th, 2008

The Swear Jar


You Suck At PhotoShop

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Seriously…time to get your learn on:
You Suck At Photoshop Episode #1
You Suck At Photoshop Episode #2
You Suck At Photoshop Episode #3
You Suck At Photoshop Episode #4

Also, in case you missed this, albeit it old – Tom Cruise Killing Oprah

Favorite PA Strips

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I was talking to a friend via aim the other day and went and looked up my favorite PA comic strip. Albeit this is an older one, it’s still hilarious.

Preface: If you beat Halo 3 on Legendary you unlock certain goodies. The problem with doing this is its time consuming. So Gabe had the great idea of coercing this little kid to do his dirty work for him (in the comic at least):

1st PA Halo 3 Strip

2nd PA Halo 3 Strip

Penny Arcade could cure cancer with their comics if they choose to do so. That stuff above is gold.

What brought on the discussion about PA was their latest strip mocking WoW addictions:
Recently, a service has come to existence which will make figures based on your WoW character. The catch is, they print your characters as how you left them (with certain gear equipped) when you last logged out. In WoW, the more time you spend in your character, the better looking your gear. Tycho gives Gabe, a recovering WoW addict, a Figure Print coupon as a Christmas gift:
WoW PA Strip 1
WoW PA Strip 2
WoW PA Strip 3

The 10 States of Procrastination

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

All of these are not necessarily followed in this order and sometimes some of the stages are skipped. But on average, most of the stages occur and in the following order.

The 10 Stages of Procrastination:

1.) Look at the assignment and realize that it will take more than 5 minutes to do.

2.) Clean up your room, desk, or work area. You have a to have a clean workspace in order to do the assignment.

3.) Take a nap. A quick power nap will enable better thinking skills.

4.) Eat. Can’t work on an empty stomach.

5.) Consume alcohol. You need to calm down, having a beer or at most two will bring your mind to a working state. (Warning: If this step is repeated too many times, a runaway effect can occur and assignment will simply be disregarded as retarded in drunken state).

6.) Consume caffiene. Because of the previous step, you’re now in need of an antidepressant.

7.) Endlessly stare at the problem for hours hoping for some kind of epiphany.

8.) Play video games, watch TV, talk on the phone, or surf the net. You need to take a break from the previous step.

9.) Return to assignment only to find that the break was a complete waste of time.

10.) Copy the assignment out of the solutions manual as it is now due in 25 minutes.

Don’t Feed the Animals at Disney

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Or kick them in the nuts for that matter, the consequences will be severe:

Pluto Strikes Back

And – Matrix Jedi?? I know, it’s over a year old – but I’ve never heard of it.

And finally, one of my favorites – L33t Hax0r!!!
I can’t believe that woman actually used “l33t h@x0r” during an interview on television!