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Doubletwist with HTV Evo – Sync Failed!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

I recently had trouble getting my HTV Evo to sync with Itunes via Doubletwist.  Every time I tried to sync in the doubletwist desktop PC application, it would report “sync failed!”.

Admin “Doug.Wasmuth” over at offered the following advice to a user with the same problem, but on their Droid 2 (as opposed to the problem for me existing on my HTC Evo):

1. using windows explorer, navigate to your connected android device SD card. Delete the folder “.doubletwist”

2. using windows explorer, navigate to the following location on your hard drive:
c->users->*you*->appdata->local->doubletwist corporation->doubletwist desktop
*the appdata folder may be hidden on your system, if so do this:
A. select organize drop down menu on windows explorer window (top left area)
B. select folder and search options
C. select view tab
D. select radio button for “Show hidden files, folders and drives”
E. select OK.
F. appdata folder will now be displayed.

3. In the doubleTwist Desktop directory found in step #2, remove all the files that end with .sqlite3
4. Also delete the file for settings.xml
5. After removing these files, restart doubletwist.
6. After restarting the databases will be rebuilt, and your syncing issue should be resolved.

I wanted to share the above as this fix worked for me!

Beware of Task Killer Apps for Your Android

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Lifehacker recently posted an article on explaining what Android Task Killer applications actually do and why you shouldn’t use them.  This topic (the use of task killers) is a prime example of information versus wisdom.  The internet is clouded with thousands of anecdotal experiences of how these task killers are the second coming of Christ and that they have saved the lives of thousands of android cell phone batteries.  In reality, it seems more often than not these task killers do more harm than good.


Transforming Your Droid into an Oscilloscope

Friday, December 24th, 2010

While searching for related information about Raphael’s Zephyr aerial feat, I came across this post at about turning your droid phone into an oscilloscope.

The author of the post has a project website where he further documents how he accomplished implementing this.