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Tuesday, 25 March 2008 06:43
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Nicholas Shorter, PhD
LiDAR and Image Processing Scientist - Harris, GCSD


Never heard of 3D reconstruction or LiDAR sensors? Wondering why this research is important or necessary? Visit the ‘What? Why? and How?’ for an expalantion behind the significance and some of the basics of my research.


Research interests: 3D reconstruction of buildings from LiDAR data and aerial imagery, building detection from LiDAR data, building detection from aerial imagery, registration of aerial imagery to LiDAR data, and unsupervised learning.


Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Nicholas Shorter received his Bachelors and Masters (3.95 GPA) in Science of Electrical Engineering (EE) from the University Of Central Florida (UCF) in 2005 and 2006 respectively. During the Fall of 2007 he assisted Dean Gallagher in teaching Digital Signal Processing Applications (graduate EE level course). He has worked as a CAD and programming technician for Brian Cumming and Associates (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Firm), an intern test engineer at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, and then as a research student for Dr. Batarseh (IEEE’s Future Energy Challenge Project). For UCF, Nicholas taught the Electronics II Lab, the Senior Design Lab, and then under his advisor's tutelage, taught Digital Signal Processing (senior level undergraduate EE course).  Working under his advisor, Dr. Takis Kasparis, Nicholas for his master's thesis focused on 3D Reconstruction of Buildings from Irregularly Spaced LiDAR and Aerial Imagery[1,2].  In April of 2007, Nicholas passed his PhD qualifier, and then in May of 2007 proposed, during his PhD Candidacy Exam[3], to focus his PhD studies on Automatic Building Detection from LiDAR [4] & Aerial Imagery [5] as well as Automatic Registration of LiDAR to Aerial Imagery [6].  In May of 2009, Nicholas successfully defended his dissertation[7].  During the Fall of 2009, Nicholas graduated with his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (3.92 GPA).  Nicholas currently works as a research scientist for Harris Corporation.  His primary roles over the last 3 years at Harris have been doing research in algorithm development for automatically identifying bare earth and buildings from LiDAR data collected over difficult terrain scenarios existent in operational environments.  These scenarios include  scenes occluded by canopy and/or containing complex building structures such as Haitian barrios built into a mountain sides, as opposed to buildings existent in smooth terrain and containing regular structure like what you would see in an urban landscape.  Nicholas currently has 7 publications [8] and has given technical seminars/presentations at Harris, NGA Innovision, and FIT [9].


[1] Master’s Thesis -

[2] 3D Reconstruction Project Page -

[3] PhD Candidacy Presentation -

[4] Building Detection from LiDAR Project Page –

[5] Building Detection from Aerial Imagery Project Page –

[6] Registration of LiDAR to Aerial Imagery Project Page -

[7] PhD Dissertation Video, Presentation and PDF -

[8] Publications list -

[9] Recorded lecture at FIT about Building Detection work -

(or on youtube - )

[10] LinkedIn Page -

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