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Written by Nicholas Shorter   
Monday, 14 July 2008 22:01

Presentation Title

Beginner’s Guide to LiDAR Research

Presentation Purpose

The main objective of the presentation will be to provide an overview of a collection of key conference and journal papers on LiDAR as well as share my experiences thus far in researching LiDAR. This overview will be orientated towards supplying fellow researchers with a fundamental understanding of LiDAR concepts, an idea of what LiDAR problems have been ‘solved’ and what problems still pose a challenge to the academic community, and finally some other experiences that will help you as fellow researchers. The motivation for doing this is to empower researchers with the ability to apply image processing and machine learning topics towards solving the many problems the academia is currently addressing with LiDAR processing.

Presentation Overview

Material in which is presented in this presentation is as follows:
1. Simple description of how LiDAR is procured
2. Basic physical setup of LiDAR Device
3. What the captured data really consists of
4. Noise sources associated with LiDAR procurement
5. ‘Solved’ LiDAR problems
6. Current LiDAR Challenges
7. Existing Methodology
8. Training/Clustering Features

Presentation Files

NSS_LiDAR_Presentation (ppt)
NSS_LiDAR_Presentation (pdf)

Nicholas Shorter’s Master’s Thesis FSART-Based Clustering Reconstruction Results:


Image from LiDAR Presentation containing Reconstruction Results from Master's Thesis


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