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Written by Nicholas Shorter   
Saturday, 26 July 2008 22:09

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You may have noticed that the website design has changed. I was previously using Net Objects Fusion to design the website. Several draw backs in Net Objects Fusion have motivated me to change the website to its current state which is implemented with Joomla. Under Net Objects Fusion, I had to open Net Objects Fusion, edit the site, save the changes, publish the site to a local directory, and then upload the new html pages to the webserver for the changes to go live. With Joomla, I log into the website (from any computer with an internet browser) and add and edit changes to the site, which go live after I save them through Joomla. Furthermore, Joomla is open source and free whereas my outdated version Net Objects Fusion as well upgrades or newer versions are expensive ($200). In short, this will result in making updates for me a much easier and less time-consuming process, therefore allowing me to update more frequently.

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